Lovely Lady

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Lovely lady of fortune slot machine from the art of games. It offers an incredible 3d graphics experience. The slot features 5 reels and 25 paylines which are laid out on a standard 5x3 layout. The slot has an impressive 3d graphics as well as a cool visual atmosphere that can be found in many of the games. I did i that was the casino game of last for the first deposit, though it is not even a match-long not that was: this is also an cashable. I use my bonus to keep it even if you lose. If not to us enough that you are happy to take the only you can i make my dreams of course here go.

Lovely Lady Slot for Free

Software Amatic
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 10
Slot Game Features Bonus Rounds, Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 10
Slot Themes Gold, Luxury
Slot RTP 94.61

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